Santa Barbara County Education Office Special Education Support Services
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Direct Service District Overview

A Direct Service District is a district of student enrollment of 900 or fewer students. Santa Barbara Education Office provides all special education support services for three direct service districts within Santa Barbara County. The SBCEO special education division works collaboratively with the superintendents/principals from each district to design a program that best supports the individual students as well as the school community at large.

Montecito Union School District
Superintendent: Tammy Murphy
School Contact: (805) 969-3249
SBCEO Special Education Director: Kathy Gulje
SBCEO Contact: (805) 964-4711 Ext. 5415

Cold Spring School District
Superintendent: Tricia Price
School Contact: (805) 969-2678
SBCEO Special Education Coordinator: Rachel Fauver
SBCEO Contact: (805) 964-4711 Ext. 5365

Cuyama Joint Unified School District
Superintendent: Paul Chounet
School Contact: (661) 766-2482
SBCEO Special Education Coordinator: Cathy DeLaurentis
SBCEO Contact: (805) 922-0334 Ext. 2308