Santa Barbara County Education Office Special Education Support Services
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Acronyms for Special Education

  AAC Augmentative and Alternative Communication   ITP Individual Transition Plan
  ADA Americans with Disabilities Act   LAT Language Assessment Team
  ADD Attention Deficit Disorder   LEA Local Education Area
  ADEPT A Developmental English Proficiency Test   LH Learning Handicapped
  ADHD Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder   LRE Least Restricted Environment
  ALPI Alternate Language Proficiency Instrument   LSH Language, Speech and Hearing
  APE Adapted Physical Education   MD Multiple Disability
  ASD Autism Spectrum Disorder   MTU Medical Therapy Unit
  AT Assistive Technology   NPS Non-Public School
  BIP Behavior Intervention Plan   O&M Orientation & Mobility
  CAC Community Action Commission   OAH Office of Administrative Hearing
  CAPA California Alternate Performance Assessment   OCR Office of Civil Rights
  CCS California Children's Services   OHI Other Health Impaired
  CELDT California English Language Development Test   OI Orthopedically Impaired
  CST California Standards Test   OSEP Office of Special Education Programs
  CTE Center for Therapeutic Education   OT Occupational Therapy
  CMH County Mental Health   PECS Picture Exchange Communication System
  DB Deaf/Blindness   PBIP Positive Behavior Intervention Plan
  DELAC District English Learners Advisory Committee   PHI Physical Health Impairment
  DHOH Deaf or Hard of Hearing   PT Physical Therapy
  DIS Designated Instructional Services   RFEP Reclassified Fluent English Proficient
  DNR Do Not Report   RSP Resource Specialist Program
  ED Emotional Disturbance   RTI Response to Intervention
  EL English Learner   S&L Speech and Language Services
  ELA English Language Arts   SAI Specialized Academic Instruction
  ELAC English Learners Advisory Committee   SANDI Student Annual Needs Determination Inventory
  ELD English Language Development   SDAIE Specially Designed Academic Instruction in English
  ELM English Language Mainstream   SDC Special Day Class
  EMD Established Medical Disability   Section 504  Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973
  EO English Only   SEI Structured English Immersion
  ESY Extended School Year   SEIS Special Education Information System
  FAA Functional Analysis Assessment   SELPA Special Education Local Plan Area
  FAPE Free and Appropriate Education   SH Severely Handicapped
  FBA Functional Behavior Assessment   SLD Specific Learning Disability
  FEP Fluent English Proficient   SPED Special Education
  FSA Family Service Agency   SST Student Study Team
  HH Hard of Hearing   STAR Standardized Testing and Reporting
  ID Intellectual Disability   TBI Traumatic Brain Injury
  IDEA Individuals with Disabilities Education Act   VCCALPS   Ventura County Comprehensive Alternate Language Proficiency Survey
  IEP Individual Education Program   VH Visually Handicapped Services
  IFEP   Intially Fluent English Proficient   VI Visual Impairment
  IFSP Individual Family Service Plan   VOCA Voice Output Communication Aid