Santa Barbara County Education Office Special Education Support Services
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Deaf or Hard-of-Hearing (DHOH)

Program Coordinator:

Cathy DeLaurentis
(805) 922-0334 Ext. 2308

  • For students in the Santa Maria, Orcutt, and Guadlupe regions who have a documented hearing impairment that negatively impacts their ability to access curriculum or instruction.
  • Specialized equipment and services (FM sound systems, sign language support, interpreter support) may be provided.
  • Support from an Educational Audiologist to conduct hearing tests, check hearing aid functioning, set up classroom FM systems, and to consult with teachers regarding needed physical accommodations (seating) and provision of notes or outlines.
  • Children ages birth through three years are served in the Early Start Program.
    • In the natural environments such as the child’s home or daycare.
    • May receive supplemental supports for communication and sign-language in a classroom setting.
    • Parent education, such as classes in sign language.
  • Children ages three through five may be served in a preschool classroom designed for children with hearing impairments where the focus is on total communication (sign language, spoken language, use of visual supports, use of FM sound systems, etc); in typical preschool programs with support from an itinerant DHOH teacher or interpreter; or in less intensive home or community settings with less frequent direct DHOH support and more training and consultation to the parent or community site related to needed accommodations.
  • Children kindergarten through grade 12 similarly may be served in designated classrooms for students with hearing impairments; in inclusive general education classes with an interpreter; or through less intensive itinerant support from a specialist who primarily provides training and consultation to teachers in order to best accommodate students with fewer specialized needs.