Regional Services

Special education services are provided to students at the request of districts within these regionally clustered classes or program types:

Students with severe to profound disabilities who may have specialized health care needs:

  • South County: K-6 only
  • Santa Ynez Valley: K-12
  • Lompoc: K-12
  • Santa Maria: Grades 4-12
  • Orcutt/Guadalupe: K-8

Students with low incidence disabilities:

  • Visual impairments: Santa Ynez Valley and North County only
  • Deaf or Hard of Hearing: North County only

Students who require educational occupational therapy services:

  • South County regional programs for students with severe to profound disabilities (preschool – Grade 6), Montecito Union Elementary, Cold Spring School
  • Santa Ynez Valley, Zaca Preschool, Oak Valley Headstart
  • Early Start students with fine or gross motor needs

Community-based transition services for students with severe to profound disabilities (ages 18-22):

  • Lompoc
  • Santa Maria

Students with mild/moderate disabilities who are enrolled in the court schools.

  • Dos Puertas Juvenile Hall SDC / Resource
  • Los Robles High School