Santa Barbara County Education Office Special Education Support Services
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Special Day Class Level of Service

  • For preschool children with moderate to severe disabilities who require high structure, intensive support, and require more than half of their school day supported by special education support services in order to make educational progress.
  • Classes are typically held 4 days per week for 3 hours per day.
  • Services are provided to children either in self-contained settings on regular school sites or in close proximity to regular public or private preschool programs to the greatest extent possible; or in inclusive public or private preschool programs with collaborative support from special and general educators.
  • Related language and speech and gross and fine motor services are provided per the IEP within the structure of the program and during the preschool day.
  • Special education staff work cooperatively with the preschool staff and provide both informal and formal training to preschool providers and families regarding the unique needs of children with IEPs and the specialized supports and strategies needed by the children to make educational progress.