Santa Barbara County Education Office Special Education Support Services
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Related Services

  • Related services are provided to students with an IEP based on assessed need and recommendation of the IEP team in order for the student to receive a free and appropriate education(FAPE)
  • These services may include:
    1. Language and speech services,
    2. Audiological services for students with an established hearing impairment.
    3. Orientation and mobility services for students with an established visual imparment.
    4. Adapted physical education services.
    5. School-based physical and occupational therapy.
    6. Vision services.
    7. Counseling and guidance services.
    8. Health and nursing services for medication administration or provision of a specialized health care procedure.
    9. Specially designed vocational education and career development.
    10. Transportaion services for students who require transportation in order to access their education.