Santa Barbara County Education Office Special Education Support Services
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Regional Special Day Class, Level of Service

Program Coordinators:

Cathy DeLaurentis - North
(805) 922-0334 Ext. 2308
Rachel Fauver - South
(805) 964-4711, Ext. 5365
Deby Geiger - North
(805) 922-0334 Ext. 2312

  • Regional Specail Day Class programs are designed for students in grades kindergarten through age 22 who are eligible for special education services and have significant learning needs related to:
    • Intellectual functioning and development
    • Medical conditions or disorders
    • Physical impairments
    • Other significant developmental disorders
  • Students are served in age-appropriate school environments and are grouped regionally, such that students with similar ages and educational needs from multiple districts or school sites recive focused specialized special education supports and services.
  • Content and curriculum are aligned to the California Common Core State Standards and Core Content Connectors and may be modified and adapted to fit individual student need and learning profiles.
  • in addition to the implementaion of content area academics, programs focus on the teaching of thoes skills that will allow the child or young youth adult to be as independent as possible, including enhancement of language, motor, vocational, social/emotional, and functional life skills.
  • Programs work collaboratively with families and outside support agencies, including Tri Counties Regional Center, to development of Individual Transition Plans starting at the age of 15.
  • For students 18 and older, programs follow a community-based model that provides students with expirience and instruction in work, leisure, and learning environments that are accessed by non-disabled adults.